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I have finally come back from silence that held upon my page, but with a mere trial of fantasy, hidden onto my drafts, and wished to show it to you , and with hope of success I leave you to enjoy a fantasy fueled with thrill and being split into a trilogy …



He lifted his sword, yet filled with fear, for he was only a   knight, a   knight  yet of mere blood, as he intended to dig his sword through his chest,   but this meant better than being torn apart from the invaders , but this chance had suffered  a failure, as his armour was  carved of steel; noticing this he had only one  chance   , the chance of escape, escape from the invasion of the chalian troops, who hath only one pride: the Kingdom, and yet their selfishness to conquer was driven to the target , for ROTVIC  was a marvellous region, with lots of  blacksmiths and plenty of gold , his army had been torn apart , and his master; THE KING OF ROTVIC had been assaulted , and it was only a moment till it had been his turn to die , so he jumped on his horse , and had the thought of running rogue, adopting an identity of a trader, to raise enough money, run down a business too , but the chalians had taken over the world, taken over the universe though, earth was a mere transaction to their deposit , there was more to come. This told him that he was bound to join them in their treacherous and sinister run, not as General Garrison but as     a Rogue, bounded by the chalian rage, and this intrigued him too ; joining the chalians and betraying them , but loosened with these thoughts  yet tightened up by the situation , he fell off his horse , driven into dirt. His stress had brought him somewhere wild, with rattled shacks and lifeless stations filled with branches, this  had been an example of the chalian’s power, how God has provided to them immortality, and as the wild ones; nothing, Chalians were not mere creatures like us, they were born with wings , and lifeless long  eyes with an opening to their grim face , and yet also boosted up by the power of their weapons , they had ended up giving birth to a weapon that shot not arrows but a   substance that releases explosives , being more powerful than a Knight’s longsword or  Ragath which was considered a dangerous creature to tame too , but when he was crushed by his enemy’s power, right then a flag had appeared to his vision  , striped with black and surfaced on red: THE FLAG OF CHALIA , and a troop, with no companions, just these monstrous eyes, that black armour, and claws hanging out from the top of their toe, and this was his chance. inside he had been fighting an endless turmoil, to even abolish the enemy, he hath join them,  but he was like a pet to his older master, too human to turn to the other side even for a day , but yet he panned hide for now, and he turned to his broken blade, releasing it from the socket it was held in , and raged it forward with a clumsy throw , his luck had caught him and it had hid the troop’s vision , yet struggling ; Garrison inhaled a breath into his exasperated lungs  and head toward the direction of the fallen, grabbing him by his throat with the lively revenge crawling onto his eyes,  he was bound  with thought  of what grudge the chalian held against him but let the humanity scream its way through, stabbing him not to death but to unconsciousness  and dragged the body into a narrow street, sitting down and at last bestowing the chalian armour upon him, for the sake of safety ,yet revealing the face of his nemesis  after slipping the spiked helmet off , yet not wearing it ; scarred with darkness , but with sign of humanity , as his face seemed human , still moaning , and by what Garrison had heard seemed to be; ‘king will slaughter you , run away’. Smirking, Garrison was struck with the fear of the Chalian king but wore into the black crusted plates that were labeled as an ‘armor’, yet containing thousands of layers but sure had been tough. Now he had been ready, ready to survive, slipping the black blade into the socket that had been hanging beside the waist, and had been painted with the chalian colours, he was to submit to them for now, as it seemed to be the sensible thing to commit , but for now his only mere motive was to find decent place to sleep away from the savages as night was in begining . Spotting finally a quite trustful  place to snore, he drifted away into sleep.Sudden knocks  had interuppted him into fearful haste with god being his only source of hope.


Dear , Readers

We come to an end of my sci-fi duo logy; MEN WHO BECAME IMMORTAL, This series has intended to bring up the roots of the possibility of immortality, and I hope you enjoy it, comment if you spot a flaw!


Those sirens were turning out to me as a threat, as Harrison grabbed the files we were theorizing on, along with the pill that had been a sample to our project  and ran towards the terrace, but I had been struck with an abruptness that filled up the situation, eventually gaping out the sky, but then turned out to follow him and questioned ‘ What are you doing ? why are these people here?’ , he was too surprised by the abnormal  event that had been taken into occurrence, but continued ‘ This project hath not been legally approved as this entity I possess requires an illegal range of drugs, and I do not seem to have a license for conducting these things too’ , this was it , my expressions were boiling as I raged in an expression ‘ Then why do you continue disobeying the law , if you are not qualified to experiment, as this will drag you on to be a criminal , and me too!’ , his eyes had bloomed, bloomed of passion as he replied ‘ I don’t care as long as I achieve my dream, and reach levels of impracticality to be practical, I don’t want recognition’, this gave me a passionate yet foolish man into my company, as his thoughts were fueled by passion  but that passion was impotent. He hesitated further not to have jumped off the balcony, and by that, I was to conduct the same practical action with no claw of circumstance that could pull me up from this technical failure; I held my throbbing heart and attempted my jump, with gravity pulling me to its hands. Most people had this moment to be a time where their eyes were closed, but I was open to what fate was leading me to as I crashed onto the hood of a car with the same conclusion of a result as Harrison had achieved, whence he jumped off and got into the car, waiting no further for my entrance, where I stood clutching on to the hood’s handles with my cheeks fleeing off of position, and inside I screamed ‘ YOU IMBECILE!’ as the car took a stop and Harrison stepped out of the car and signalled ‘ Hey, we are safe, Jonas will take care of us’, and right there, an image of an average wannabe scientist like Harrison   with a minimalistic wage  popped into my head or well known as Jonas Hilton worth Harrison’s old rival, and that had proven how ‘enemies can also come to help’ right then I rolled and looked up at the sun, it was out  of sight! , I was struggling into a fell clutch of adventure, that too without notice. Anyhow, I left the association of the car and headed off from the sturdy cracked footpath where I met a tall young man with a shaved chin, but left with traces of a mustache, there I was motivated to shake a hand, then we head right on to discuss the formula of immortality, as Harrison groaned ‘ Now that we are past those fools which were ought to chase me  , we shall formulate the hypothesis of our formula’ , Jonas remarked ‘ You say, Immortality? ,  well arguments have been taken up on this matter, but why don’t you show me the pills?’ Harrison sniffed a quite suspective matter as he interpreted Jonas’s statements and told me ‘ Take care of the prototypes, he might be up to something’ I nodded at this and we begun our theorization , as Harrison spoke ‘ Now that we determined it’s elementals, we are to sketch out all the possibilities at max ,..’ I interrupted ‘ Well , taking a roughly read businessman’s perspective could we start up on breath regulations??’ Harrison had been stacked with a ‘THINK FACTOR’ on his face , and replied cleverly ‘ Modulation of breath can’t be irregular, no matter how you breathe , you shall live the same ,  but that Carson and Biston theory would give a chance to apply an ‘air adapter ‘ into the systematic organisms, which allows them to change into any type of atmospherical stance, as in they can breathe with any gas , simply’ this idea was unique and affirmed immortality too , and we were to conduct experimental procedures for our product now, as he took out a certain type of beaker , added water into it , placing it onto a table and injected some sort of liquid into it , exclaiming it to be ‘Carson’ , which was  purple in color , and then injected a rather thick solution , colored in red , poured onto the base of the water in the beaker he held. This particular method he conducted was rather  confusing, but I try my best to include the best inscription of his actions; when he stirred the liquid down to the core, the beaker evaporated smoke and the solute turned thicker , this he exclaims as the  ‘THEORY OF TRANSFORMATION’ where CBO2 can transform into a little ‘solid filling’ form, looking like stuffing that is put into ‘dim sums’ when it is manipulated with Biston , and this made quite sense to me too. After getting the filling he poured it into a soft and plushy coating, then we ended up with a pill, as he shouted ‘ YES! WE ARE DONE WITH WHAT HUMANITY HAD FAILED UPON, WE ARE GODS!’, this conversation was overheard by Jonas, whose eyes were stacked upon possessing our achievements. We tied up our pajamas and went into our rooms to sleep, each of us was fatigued, especially me, who totally skipped his ongoing life for a heavenly expedition. Suddenly sirens started screeching,  and I was awakened and remembered a glimpse of when I saw Jonas grabbing our invention, and running away, and Harrison told me that it was general anesthesia, that struck me into sleep, onto a chair with tape, tape that stuck my hands onto the handles , and I untied myself  and saw  Harrison encountering the policemen, and  I was noticing the indication on his face as  continued calmly ‘Hello dear sirs , what do you want? ‘, and obviously they blamed us of a drug possession, and then I was frozen but Harrison replied with no hesitation ‘Drugs? Rubbish , I…’ , Right then he was stuck as the cops investigated ‘ We need to see what you have, ‘ and then they found a pill of crocin, which was unobjective of innocence, and then we told them of how Jonas possesses it, and they tracked and captured him down bringing the evil that was extracted within him to an end, with the pill’s contents being thrown away , but our necks being saved, and we tried to subject to using more legal content in our pills, changing our identities, and introducing immortality to this world, an accountant accompanied with  now a licensed scientist, changing the roots of the universe with a single element.


Regards ,  Sir Aaron William Fergurson ,

Deputy Secretary of Dr.Harrison Gary


In memory of the good , the bad and the evil……..



TO BE CONTINUED………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..



Dear , Readers

I have composed a idea dissolved in science fiction , with two parts in it’s grasp , I apologize for the unexpected delay , as my hands are suffering a fracture , but I will to write , after certain days of recovery , I hope you like the solute of the scientific approach to immortality, I also thank Mr. Kent Wayne for motivating me! Hope you enjoy, the next part would be into your grasp soon……



  • What is it like to be immortal? Being able to live within your desire , which is spoken merely in fairy tales , thought of rarely as we all are sunken into the world of cars and phones , which were once too spoken in imaginations , and yet now its reality , and by hands of geniuses , of maniacs we discover the truth of the undiscovered. I myself had encountered a few entities which had had the potential of doing the impossible , Harrison Gary , my old high school friend , whom I encountered when science fascinated me , stuck in physics class , but as for now ending up in a merely buisness job; being the best I had been constructed to achieve . Harrison, my aquaintance had dialed me out of the blue , when I had been lost deep in sleep , regretting my job and then had attacked by the ring of the phone , being suspectful of why he had turned to me , a failure in physics , when he could have reached other geniuses like Crottle , the one who had gained a degree from MIT. I picked up the phone , as he groaned ‘ I  have broken the code! , I have done it ! ,  now the U.S elections would be a weak segment in the papers!  IMMORTALITY!’ , I stopped him at this , groaning: ‘What do you mean by IMMORTALITY?’ , ‘I mean it’s nothing more then  regulation , interior damage prevention in your body , and a growth  controlling virus ‘ , this had confused me , when he stated those fictional items that a bodybuilder had dreamed of , and  I said ‘ Those things are a fairy’s dream my dear aquaintance , how can you possibly ‘DISCOVER’ that?’ , at this his throat suffered a dysfunction , as he croaked ‘ I didn’t discover immortality , I am going to INVENT IT!’ ‘HOW?’, my ego screamed , and he said at this ‘ Meet me at Manhatten , apartment A-6 , floor 17, now , I don’t will to pay more than my regular bills,’ I laughed at this , and picked up my keys off my messed up and scrambled with cubical , and pushed through the doorway , realising my shift had ended, then heading to my car , I loaded up the engine , and headed to his address , as my life needed twist , even though I hd fairly known him , I elevated myself up , a renovated elevator , in a underdeveloped mess, I knocked on his door , as he stepped out , and let me see a long bearded man , with cracked spectacles streaming through his sharp nose , with brown and a mid cut short hair, as he invited ‘ Ah my old friend , Harry , you have been led to paradise , my friend!, come on in ! ‘ I agreed and listened to his theory with interest rousing like never before , ‘So you are bound by possibility filled with the most oblivious world I’ve ever seen , now let me destroy the walls off your mind ; as you are aware that the human body’s organs are separated into sections and ventilation systems , so if I make a pill , it reaches through the throat , spreading impact ,  and boosting into the stomach with lower impact as well , and a pill is the perfect form to be decided , but now I am left with processing my molecular projection , the CBO2 , standing for Carson Biston Oxygen 02 ‘ I said ‘ What does carson and Biston mean? there are no molecules by that tag as long as I am taught’ , he nodded and continued ‘ Yes , yes those are my parent’s initials , those molecules are into my ownership , Carson is initiated into a form of calorie regulator , with calcium and nutrition , with fusion  too , I had also ejected a sort of strategy that can confirm duration till death , with full control of your calorie absorbers , keeping your heart and sugar stable , Carson also has a heartbeat regulation system inside it’s coating as a pill , that I have confirmed , Biston is like a coat injector which shields the organs in a method that affirms protection of those systems , and that’s it , Immortality my friend!’ I was flattered , flattered by the jibberish , yet  droven into belief ,  now there has been added a spice to my life , and now I felt like I wanted to live , but suddenly sirens were ringing outside the apartment , and my will in this drug had been put into question..

Darkness is an illusion : the poem with a little light

This darkness is just an illusion , it’s a mere version of confusion,

This darkness I deny , to rather say bye to my life than to see this world rot and die , 

This darkness plays games , it hypnotizes your mind and your mind it tames,

Darkness contains massacre , just for a mere prize it lets you fight, but you don’t realize behind the abyss there lays light , so don’t get conquered by the night,
 We negate  on this violence , We negate on these fists , as deep inside we  want to escape from this darkness which seems like mist, 

My friend don’t let vision cause confusion and let your thoughts bend ,

The human mind isn’t real it runs by vision , if it sees a damp dark cave, it turns the truth , no matter how you believe in God with all your Ruth ,

Don’t think about the light , nor its delight , but about the present might , when darkness comes upon this night

Beginning of the end : game on : part 6

I opened my eyes with mere presence to this world , as I saw to my eyes gunfire and blood , as I saw men with arms who hath just not hesitated to kill, as I saw Thierry stern eyes staring at from hell but, still the others who I was accompanied with weren’t afraid. It was a complex expression that layed into their faces , not of fear , not of justice , but of desire of pouring out this bottomed pit of darkness, which was rare, as whoever I saw dared not fight , but were constantly feeded by the emptiness that lured upon this world. Our trucks tires had panted out of air , Celio”s creativity had run out at this point , as he ordered ” get out , we will shoot on surface” , jumping on ground , clenching the handle of the knife I held , I stood up, stared into a guard”s eyes who was most likely to be diminished by either me or my comrades , as now they were as I ravaged with my weapon , Celio shot off the entity , smirking , letting me out of this deformity of violence and decision I was stuck between, as Eugene roared “You imbeciles you monsters, ” and rampaged , damage is body but abolishing the enemy”s , as he ordered me ” we may not survive , you go get that brat ” I nodded in fear heading towards lustrous door which hath been opened in the flick of a button. I passed the hallways being of marble and steel , reeking with what was a mysterious smell, I ran and ran , feeling my scarred eyes which were blinded in the previous battle ,which I assumed to be the case , I raged and raged but encountered a shadow who consulted my fall …….

The insomniac Millionare

This story can be proven as a fable underneath , with a coded moral for you to undress.
He felt uneasy, he rolled his sleeves , he blinked his eyes with a rising peak of heaviness lurking into his belly. There he lay in despair , thinking what was wrong, he had been sleeping in a silk embroidered carving , too glamorous to be called a bed , he had company of his son and daughter , laying right beside him , and was certainly not being inflicted of her memory , he leaned on to his daughter”s side , closed his eyelids , but still wasn’t satisfied, he leaned on to his son”s side , but still didn’t sleep. When leaned on to one”s side , the other moaned for his company , and still this hadn’t any resolution, while he was consented in through his blanket , he thought of lonliness , not of the lonliness that he was to feel without her , all of his life , but of the loneliness he felt right now , while rest of the world was out and about snoring. These thoughts couldn’t satisfy him , in short seconds of silence, his son grew awake , staring at the golden wall clock stuck on the wall , it was late , as he thought , who would wander their soul”s presence at this point of time ? He stood no further , uttering proudly to fill up his empty vessel of curiousness , ” father , why do you stay awake? ” , his father glared at him pleading him to sleep , and so he did , but still puzzled about what was going on , his father had so everything in his reach but was counting each minute and second of his life , without satisfaction , he had twenty mansions in England, two in Delhi , and had a helicopter to his consultation , still why? His father”s cheeks had grown red , and suddenly his breath took a stop .


London is shocked by the playboy millionaire”s death , late night at 4:00 am , along his wards presence , who are now in custody of their mother , it still puzzles on what case did this situation had taken place.


: Desufnoc Gnieb

What I pondered on this little screen: A poetic tale

I sit on a rattling little bench , tapping and tapping on this little screen , I still couldn’t ponder what this abundant little source of life means ,While I think about the memories that this little piece of technology couldn’t feed to me , those little lies that we creatures meant to fantacize just for little attention ,
Every night and day , deceiving our minds from “her” tension ,

Where we spoil her , nature tries still to redeem her,

Oh that fallen earth, oh that fallen nation ,

These thoughts just dissolve on my little dreams,

While blissfully scribble on this screen ,

I feel the wind pass through my vein , then I feel it stop , letting me feel of the crumbs of heat , reminding me of those lies of fantasy that had the reality brutally beat,
I read through what I have written, just to achieve your attention , just make perfection , but what good is attention ?, what good is perfection? If the rest of the world wouldn’t listen,
This bench I sit upon gives me a perfect example of the world , letting me widen my vision to a field full of nothingness , and a man walking upon this repeated track ,

Just fill fortune in his empty little sack ,

Oh dear wanderer I ask you what good money is when this world at the end will feel no affect at all , ending life , ending your search , ending your questions , with a brink of infinite emptiness ?
But when I question foolishly entrapped in the field of logic , I’ve got no difference then those creatures who linger upon my life ,
I sit here , oh forgotten by the soil, where this world has been loosened in turmoil , I listen to the sound , the sound of crickets , looking up the sky , wondering how to the heavens we seem just like midgets, 

I try to rhyme , rhyme these letters , but to the wheel of life these letters wouldn’t affect , if they are spun around the same way around the neck over and over again,
No my dear friends, life runs by no system , so stop defining your breath in a rhythm,
I shall read among your thoughts , as you scramble through the meaning of my scripture,

I just intend to paint your mind in a endless picture, with no fixed motive , I just wanted to show tis ,
Life isn’t short and life isn’t short , if you feel this wind , let the leaves surround you , and not let this disaster bound you